Charmed Kubeflow accessible in local network

Hello everybody, i have a single workstation in which i installed Charmed Kubeflow on Microk8s following step-by-step this guide: get-started-with-charmed-kubeflow

Awesome, it works fine and if in my workstation i go with the browser to: i can work with Kubeflow.

What i’m try to understand what to do is: how can people in the same network of my workstation (accessible under VPN with ip can go, with their browser, to: and user Kubeflow??

This is the LB get with the command microk8s kubectl get svc -n kubeflow :

istio-ingressgateway-workload LoadBalancer 80:30143/TCP,443:30404/TCP

Thank you for you help!! Also, very nice guide for installing everything, really appreciated as a newby with K8S!

Thank you very much for your help.

Also a hint on how can i do that will be well appreciated. Thank you!

You could try using the nginx ingress plugin for microk8s MicroK8s - Addon: Ingress

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You can use portainer directly : istio-ingressgateway-workload

first microk8s.enable metallb with your vpn network ip range

second juju config oidc and dex with your lb ip