Charmed Aether 5G Core - beta release is now out!


We are excited to announce that Charmed Aether 5G Core is now available as a beta release. Our Telco Engineering team has been working on preparing Juju charms for Open Networking Foundation (ONF)’s open source 5G mobile core network software distributed as part of their Aether project, which is now part of the Linux Foundation as a Directed Fund project. The team has hit an important milestone early this month by releasing the beta version of the charms.


We are now looking for the community to test our fully open source Juju charms and deploy Aether 5G core network on Kubernetes. The team has prepared a step-by-step deployment guide with clearly written documentation, which is also available for anyone who wants to try the solution.

About Aether and Private Mobile Networking

ONF has been offering their free open source 5G core networking software under the umbrella of project Aether. Aether enables enterprises to run their private mobile networks (PMN) bringing them the capability to provide mobile connectivity to their business services, devices, employees and customers at their sites. PMNs are superior to alternative connectivity options, bringing higher performance and reliability, better mobility support, and embedded security, all of which have been proven to meet operator and customer expectations over decades of mobile networking history.


Running on Kubernetes as microservices, Aether’s 5G core brings seamless connectivity to an enterprise’s business use cases under its full control. This boosts productivity, enables new business use cases, and provides assurance to businesses that their connectivity network meets their business SLA requirements.


Try it out!

Charmed Aether 5G Core is easy to deploy and test - all you need is a system where you will run Kubernetes and Juju to deploy the core network with our Juju charms. If you are curious, check out our documentation today where you can find tutorials with easy-to-follow steps, tested by our engineering team. If you encounter any issues or bugs, have ideas on how we can further improve our Juju charms or the documentation itself, we would like to hear from you.

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