Charmcraft bi-weekly dev summary (first!) - 2020w19,20

Here’s a first pass at what a ‘bi-weekly dev summary’ would look like. Feedback appreciated.

Ops (the operator framework itself)

  • A first pass at API documentation is up on RTD. The domain is not final, in that it might change in the next month or so if the paperwork goes through, and redirecting isn’t a feature rtd supports so share accordingly. It’s also very much a straight dump of the generated docs, with nothing to give it too much structure, so it’s not a very good first impression yet.
  • Lots of work to support the above effort, around adding docstrings (and type hints) to our public classes and methods.
  • Support for Juju 2.8’s “dispatch” mechanism landed. We hope to use this feature to greatly simplify operating on, or with, charms in a number of ways.
  • Units can now set their workload version via Unit.set_workload_version. This maps to application-version-set, which got its name before ‘application’ was part of the juju lexicon. We hope the mapped name makes it less confusing to our users than the alternative.


  • work still progressing on the initial project setup and scaffolding. Lots of discussion on PR#1, hopefully landing soon!

Chatting with …

In these two weeks since the Roadmap sprint we’ve been talking with as many people as we could schedule: if you’re working on a charm, and haven’t heard from us, please reach out! The discussions have been very useful for us (and reportedly also for the people we were meeting with), and are already helping us prioritise work. So far, we’ve met with (and have recurring bi-weekly meetings scheduled with)

We are soon also meeting with

  • Jay Kuri @jk0ne
  • Michał Ajduk
  • Paul Collins @pjdc (as interpreted by Tom Haddon),
  • and possibly Barry Price @barryprice

if we’ve missed a person (or a team!), please, again, let us know.


Great idea to have a bi-weekly dev summary! This will be very helpful to stay up to date with new features and updates to the framework.

One item of feedback: when you mention juju features, or anything else outside of the framework, if there is a discourse link available to describe this feature, it would be great to add it (i.e juju “dispatch” feature).

Also, I believe @vern has been working with the new framework as well, he might have some interesting feedback for you.

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@chipaca Just an idea… if there are any writeups from any of these meetings produced, perhaps share them in discourse?

There are writeups, but the meetings and their writeups are private; they’re part coaching, part problem-solving, part status report of internal (sometimes confidential) projects.

In future summaries I’ll try to also summarise the meetings in the aggregate, particularly if there are emerging commonalities (there is already at least one).

Anything you or other participants can share will be tremendously valuable. It increases the impact of those discussions when we can all learn from them :slight_smile:

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still getting the same error i’m afraid