Charmcraft bi-Weekly Dev Summary - 2020w25,26

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Ops (the operator framework itself)

  • The current version of ops is still 0.6.1. We had planned to release 0.7 last Thursday but have delayed it until tomorrow due to some external factors impacting our ability to wrap up needed feature work. We’ll post a quick update here when that is actually released.
  • We finally got the definitive name for the project on read the docs! Feel free to bookmark, share, etc. :smiley:


  • We released 0.2.0, which is the first release to talk to the store (hardcoded to the staging store at the moment). Right now only three commands, all related to authentication: login, whoami, and logout. More will follow.
  • The charmcraft snap is available for testing with 0.2.0 as well. It’s strictly confined, based on core20, and we’re looking for feedback about in which situations it fails to work as expected. It ships with an internal git to support charmcraft build of charms that have git URLs in their requirements.txt. It’s been tested with requirements with submodules, against projects in both launchpad and github. In some situations a submodule will cause git to try to use ssh, and that will not work. It should be possible to change the URL to something that doesn’t need to use ssh; reach out when (not if) you find issues with this (or if you can help qualify “some situations”). It does not currently ship with bzr (now brz) nor hg but those can be added. Note the internal git can’t currently access the config from your home, pending a snapcraft process; you can copy ~/.gitconfig (or ~/.config/git/config) to `~/snap/charmcraft/.


Review of charm code continues, and we’ve settled on directly filing bugs on charms and components for issues we find during review. Progress on ops.lib.use use and documentation stalled but should continue this week.

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ops 0.7.0 just released :slight_smile:

release highlights:

  • opt-in to test controller-side state via Juju 2.8’s state-get/state-set (#317, #323)
  • support for running on Juju pre-2.7 (#324)
  • exceptions now logged via an ad-hoc excepthook (#322)
  • performance improvement for large yaml blobs (#325)
  • bug fixes :slight_smile: