Charm Tech Team Updates, Week #37, 2022

@pengale @rwcarlsen @jnsgruk

This week I…

  • Helped out Robert implement the Secrets testing infrastructure
  • Gave a community workshop on charm runtime, event simulation and jhack
  • Started working on slide decks for Operator Day and ubuntu summit
  • Worked some on the onboarding-troublemakers bundle
  • Wrote and pushed readme for dashboard
  • Presented the dashboard charm to the rest of the team, and made revisions to README and filed bugs based on discussion.
  • Went over Secrets code w/ team
  • Various PRs (finished Pietro’s epic typing PR!)
  • Did a deep dive into ingress, to understand what the controller is currently trying to do with the dashboard charm. I think that the charm is doing everything “right,” and we don’t need to bring in traefik or the k8s service patcher. I believe that the controller already sets up services and exposes them internally.
  • Did a pass on dashboard code w/ an eye toward documentation and reconciling the machine and k8s versions. Updated the PR with my changes.
  • Tested revisions to dashboard charms, and published new versions of machine and k8s dashboard charms to their respective --edge channels.
  • Reviewed Pietro’s secrets testing work. Discussed/updated some secret spec details. Also discussed/planned for some secret integration tests.
  • Did some more mods+polishing on secrets.
  • Reviewed harness typing PR.
  • Log forwarding
    • Fixed some live-layer-updating deficiencies in my impl.
    • diagnosed+fixed some bugs affecting the loki backend
    • wrote a bunch of tests
  • a good helping of interview stuff