Charm Tech Team Updates, Week #36, 2022

@pengale @rwcarlsen @jnsgruk here are this week’s updates.

This (short) week I:

What I did this week:

  • Fixed error in machine charm
  • Pushed a fixed version of the charm to --edge.
  • Troubleshooting on errors with the controller/dashboard connection in the k8s charm (the dashboard script isn’t able to setup the ssh tunnel for the proxy – unclear whether this is just a port issue, or something that needs more Kubernetes surgery)
  • Code reviews and comments (lots of good discussions in the PRs this week).
  • Reached out to core Juju team for help with the remaining error in the k8s dashboard charm.
  • Got a draft secrets PR up - still needs a fair bit of work, but the foundation is all there.
  • Filled out the pre-series-upgrade and post-series-upgrade event pages with some doc content.
  • Fixed CI failures and problems discovered by adding more charm tests to our CI (#776) via PR #822. We should be getting nearly ready to merge 776.
  • Triage/followups/reviews on several issues - including: #817, #807, #825, #823, #824.
  • Started revising and cleaning up my draft pebble log forwarding code to be in-line with the latest spec state/discussion.
  • 360 reviews
  • interview stuff