Charm Tech Team Updates, Week #35, 2022

@ppasotti @rwcarlsen @jnsgruk here’re this week’s updates (we appeared to have let this drop last month.)

Here’s what I did:

  • Added some basic info to the docs on the pre and post upgrade-series hooks.
  • Provided feedback for the deck of a charm development webinar.
  • Met w/ JAAS team, and opened two new tickets to fix issues w/ the dashboard charm the JAAS use case.
  • Made an attempt to use yarn link inside of the Dockerfile for my juju dashboard container. It was not a good idea :slight_smile:
  • Went over Rob’s proposed implementation of secrets testing and Pietro’s hook tool ORM spec.
  • Reviewed and merged Ales’ PR against juju-dashboard. (Thx, Ales!)
  • Tried several iterations of building an oci-image with local node dependencies. Settled on using yarn pack to make a tarball, and just dropping that into the container. Not pretty, but it unblocked me for now.
  • Tested and published juju-dashboard and juju-dashboard-k8s to their respective --edge channels in the Charm Store.
    • There are two outstanding issues, which I will work on next week.
  • Worked some more on adding more charms to our CI (#776). Investigated some failures in observability and data platform team charms. Communicated with them to determine proper fixes, etc. Results of this investigation are accumulating in #822
  • Worked on secrets implementation more. Doing testing against edge juju.
  • Worked on discussing/finalizing log forwarding spec/path. G approves :sunglasses:
  • interview stuff

Last week I:

  • prototyped and published here jhack show-stored, one more piece of the Charming Dev Tool suite. Found and filed a couple of juju bugs in the process.
  • Interview duty
  • Joined in a client call where interesting meta-charm thoughts were expressed
  • Prepared for a presentation due in week #36
  • Opened a PR pushing traefik-route’s support to v1 ingress libs (