Charm OpenStack monitoring


How to monitor the Charm OpenStack (Yoga / Focal). I have deployed HA OpenStack using MAAS/JUJU/Charm. I want to monitor the OpenStack services, API endpoints, CEPH, etc…

Is there any document available?

@rrajasekar, Look into COS Lite. There you will also find links to the community around this tech.

Hi pmatulis

The COS Lite is for Kubernetes platform. I am looking for OpenStack.

I want to monitor all OpenStack endpoints, VIP, CEPH cluster status,etc…

hi @rrajasekar, COS Lite is meant to be related to any charm that implements the correct relations, not just Kubernetes. Eventually, that’s going to include charmed OpenStack. As of today your only option is to use the legacy LMA charms:

Please keep in mind that the charms above are in maintenance mode while we transition to the COS Lite (and its future iterations) and that unfortunately we don’t really have an easy to apply overlay for setting up monitoring. The charm READMEs should however be sufficient to get you started. Good luck!

Hi @aieri, do you know if there is any effort towards replacing or updating these legacy LMA charms? Specifically talking about Nagios charm, which is still only on 18.04. The standard support for bionic basically ends this month and Juju 3+ dropped support for 18.04.

Or is it mainly people shifting towards Prometheus nowadays?

Hi @matuskosut, we are not at this stage planning to update the existing LMA charms. Specifically, we are not planning an overhaul of the Nagios charm to support Nagios 4 and series newer than 18.04.

We have no intention to drop the ball, though: our Observability team has provided a migration path.

What we are doing internally (and suggesting the community does as well) is to leverage the COS Proxy charm whenever a native integration with COS isn’t yet possible.

In other words:

  • for every charm that cannot yet integrate with COS natively: relate to COS Proxy (and COS Proxy to COS Lite)
  • for every charm that can integrate with COS natively: directly relate to COS Lite
  • at this point you can optionally remove the LMA stack and are also free to upgrade to Juju 3+
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thanks for the info! We will definitely look into COS setup since we are also setting up new stack with Juju 3.

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