Change Storage Class Possible?

I have a multi-node cluster that was setup using kubeadm and host-path storage class. I added an NFS storage class because I want to have all my data in one place and not lose data when a node is down. I made the NFS storage class the default but I haven’t deleted the host-path storage class yet. I already deployed applications and they are using volumes provisioned by the host-path storage class.

Is it possible to have all charms switch to volumes provisioned by the new storage class?

I tried removing and deploying an application, but it still used the host-path storage class.

I tried

$ juju config -m kubeflow workload-storage=nfs-client
ERROR no application name specified


$ juju config -m kubeflow minio workload-storage=nfs-client
ERROR parsing settings for application: unknown option "workload-storage"

as mentioned here.

I also tried juju update-storage-pool kubernetes storage-class=nfs-client based on this doc but I get the following error:

$ juju storage-pools 
Name        Provider    Attributes
kubernetes  kubernetes

$ juju update-storage-pool kubernetes storage-class=nfs-client
ERROR pool "kubernetes" not found

Any input is appreciated. Thank you.

I was able to get it work using

juju model-config workload-storage=nfs-client
juju model-config operator-storage=nfs-client