Change owner of contracts-k8s

Hello, could you please change the ownership of “contracts-k8s” to “commercial-systems”? and add me and “Osama Kassem” (the current owner) as contributors so we can push changes?

Hi, could you please let me know your and Osama’s Launchpad usernames so I can add the collaborators?

Note that anyone in the “commercial-systems” group will already have collaborator permissions, so if you’re both in that Launchpad team then we don’t need to add you explicitly.

Let me know :slight_smile:

  • Daniel

Hello Daniel, thank you for your reply.

We are indeed both a part of “commercial-systems” team . Here are our launchpad usernames anyway if needed in any other matter:

  • georgeghobrial
  • osama-kassem

Hi, I’ve transferred the charm to commercial-systems, please test and let me know if that gives you the access you need (it should ;))

  • Daniel

Thank you , will do that.