Change MAAS endpoint URL

Hi there.

I use juju (3.2) to manage some models having MAAS as a back-cloud. So far everything works nice, but I’d like to add some redundancy in my MAAS setup and enable its API access via a haproxy + ssl. The new MAAS setup is ready and running, but I’m having issues reconfiguring juju to use the new API url. I already tried to use juju update-cloud local-maas --client --controller -f new_maas_config.yaml and the new values are reflected in ~/.local/share/juju/clouds.yaml, but each time I try to access any model I get something like this ERROR accessing model environment: creating environ for model "controller" (5440ed04-5c74-4636-8f27-1f5245bf99a2): creating MAAS environ: Get "http://old_maas_api_address/MAAS/api/2.0/version/": EOF.

Can any of you maybe indicate some hints on how to solve this problem? I think the controller is still referring the old API url, but I couldn’t find any way to check/adjust that.

Thank you Dan