Change Availability Zone Cinder


I am testing out Openstack on bionic-train. When configuring my bundle i noticed i can set “customize-failure-domain” on neutron-gateway and nova-compute.

However i cannot find this or anything like this on the Cinder charm. When looking at the documentation the value “storage_availability_zone” and “default_availability_zone” can be set.

Is there a way to do this from juju?

Hi Emil

The majority of Charmed OpenStack deployments are deployed with Ceph to provide block devices via Cinder. As a result, setting an AZ on cinder does not really make sense - the Ceph cluster should be deployed across underlying availability zones so that block devices are tolerant of full zone dropping out of the deployment.

The ceph-osd and ceph-mon charms do have the same ‘customize-failure-domain’ option for this purpose - replicas will be distributed across zones to move up to zone level fault tolerance (rather than host which is the default).

Setting an AZ per cinder unit would make sense if the LVM/iSCSI cinder volume service is in use but that does not get widely deployed due to its lack of resilience.