Ceph Pacific version 16.2.7 not available in cloud-archive:xena

Hi OpenStack Charmers,

I’m trying to install Ceph Pacific version 16.2.7 on the latest ceph-mon (rev 73) and ceph-osd (rev 513) charms, but when using source: cloud:focal-xena, it installs version 16.2.6.

The UCA Tracker for Xena shows that version 16.2.7 is available in staging and proposed, so I’m wondering why it isn’t available in cloud:focal-xena.

I see there was an SRU process for 16.2.7 in Bug #1953599 “[SRU] ceph 16.2.7” : Bugs : Ubuntu Cloud Archive

What am I doing wrong?

How did you deploy the applications?

@pmatulis, with this bundle:

# Bundle
- - ceph-osd:mon
 - ceph-mon:osd
series: focal
   charm: cs:ceph-mon-73
   num_units: 3
   constraints: tags=ceph-mon
     "": site2-oam
     public: site2-ceph-public
     monitor-count: 3
     source: cloud:focal-xena
   charm: cs:ceph-osd-513
   num_units: 3
   constraints: tags=ceph-osd
     osd-devices: "/dev/sdb /dev/sdc /dev/sdd /dev/sde /dev/sdf /dev/sdg /dev/sdh /dev/sdi /dev/sdj /dev/sdk /dev/sdl /dev/sdm"
     source: cloud:focal-xena
     "": site2-oam
     public: site2-ceph-public
     cluster: site2-ceph-cluster

Since the packages are in a proposed pocket you cannot get them by deploying normally.


juju deploy --config source=cloud:focal-xena/proposed cs:ceph-mon
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@pmatulis thank you, but I was under the impression that the cloud:focal-xena/staging and cloud:focal-xena/proposed pockets were not intended for production and that one should stick with cloud:focal-xena and/or cloud:focal-xena/updates for that? Is that incorrect?

In the case of the Ceph 16.2.7 release which was released 2021-12-24, is there a reason why it is not in cloud:focal-xena or cloud:focal-xena/updates?

My apologies if I missed some obvious docs on this.

Hi Sandor. Yes, production deployments should consume only the latest stable packages. I didn’t mean to imply otherwise. Apologies.

Your question on SRUs is one that applies to all of Ubuntu. The UCA is a consumer of those updated packages. We do have a vested interest with those packages that will reside in the UCA but the process must still be followed. See the OpenStack-centric wiki page on SRU policy.

I am trying to get some traction on SRU bug LP #1953599.

Note: The legacy Charm Store has been read-only for a few weeks now. All future updates will come from the new store, called Charmhub, which necessitates the use of “channels”. There will be information posted in this forum soon about how all this will work for the OpenStack charms.

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@pmatulis, no worries. Thank you very much for taking the time to explain. So the new version will hopefully land when the SRU bug gets done?

Yes, that’s right.

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Great, thanks.

Apologies for nagging, but is there any ETA on the news or how this will work?

Where do we find/get the latest stable charms for Ceph for Focal/Xena for example?

We ran into LP#1966414 when we used the latest revisions from the latest/stable channel for ceph-mon and ceph-osd and it turned out the charms were old/outdated and didn’t support Focal/Xena. The stable bundles in https://github.com/openstack-charmers/openstack-bundles refer to even older revisions.

Hi Sandor.

Ceph 16.2.7 should arrive in the Xena UCA packages within the next 24 hours.

As for new charm versions, we are currently in the process of migrating the OpenStack charms to the Charmhub. During this transition period some hiccups may be experienced. I recommend that all users continue to deploy charms with the cs: prefix, which will provide the latest stable charms, until an announcement is made (here) that all charms are properly staged.

The transition to the Charmhub has been challenging for OpenStack given its large charm collection and the many combinations of Ubuntu series and OpenStack releases that are supported. And all this is being done within the new channel paradigm.

The target date for the next release of OpenStack Charms is April 21st (two weeks from today) and everything should be in order by that time.