Ceph Mon Warning: client is using insecure global_id reclaim

One of host that runs ceph-mon went offline and then monitor become out of quorum state. To fix that I deployed a new ceph-mon unit and removed failing one.

Ceph successfully created new monitor however following warning raised in Ceph status:

client is using insecure global_id reclaim

Any suggestion to fix that warning?

Note: we are using focal ussuri.

Your new ceph-mon unit is likely patched to a version of Ceph which now supports secure Global ID Reclaim.

Check under “Fix Details” number 3 notes that upgraded ceph-mons will start showing the message when it detects older client versions attached.

This CVE will walk you through addressing this. I would recommend starting with checking ceph versions and performing package upgrades and service restarts to get the cluster up to the same level, then addressing the alert.