Ceph-mon units have lost quorum

please i need help on this. all of the 3 ceph-mon is out of quorum.

App Version Status Scale Charm Channel Rev Exposed Message ceph-mon 16.2.9 blocked 3 ceph-mon stable 61 no Unit not clustered (no quorum)

Unit Workload Agent Machine Public address Ports Message ceph-mon/0 blocked idle 0/lxd/0 Unit not clustered (no quorum) ceph-mon/1 blocked idle 1/lxd/0 Unit not clustered (no quorum) ceph-mon/2* blocked idle 2/lxd/0 Unit not clustered (no quorum)

Machine State DNS Inst id Series AZ Message 0 started compute-1 focal default Deployed 0/lxd/0 started juju-09c267-0-lxd-0 focal default Container started 1 started compute-4 focal default Deployed 1/lxd/0 started juju-09c267-1-lxd-0 focal default Container started 2 started compute-3 focal default Deployed 2/lxd/0 started juju-09c267-2-lxd-0 focal default Container started

try to start the service manually on ceph-mon

/usr/bin/ceph-mon -f --cluster Ceph --id 2 --setuser ceph --setgroup ceph