Ceph Deployment - hook failed: "mds-relation joined"

Hi there!

I’m working to build a small ceph cluster. I was following this documentation to deploy ceph-fs to my cluster. After adding the ceph-fs relation one of the ceph-mon is showing an error message- ’ hook failed: “mds-relation joined” ’ and also the ceph-fs node is in blocked state.

Here is the result :

  • Do I miss something?

  • What is this error? How do I resolve this?

Can somebody help me!!!


This is my ceph.yaml file that contain the options for the charms that have used.

It’s a bit difficult to determine what the problem is from the screen capture. There isn’t much that happens in the mds-relation-joined hook.

Can you provide the output of juju debug-log --replay --include unit-ceph-mon-0 so we can see which error is being encountered?

Hello @billy-olsen, Thank you for your quick reply.

Here is the output.

Any possible solutions on this issue??

Apologies for the long delayed response. Looking at the output, it appears its failing in the juju code invoking the relation-get command. I’ll spin up a reproducer to see if I can recreate.

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