Can't bootstrap a Juju controller

I’m trying to deploy Openstack on several MAAS nodes using Juju, following the instructions in the Charm Deployment Guide on the Openstack site. I have 5 nodes commissioned, and I’m to the point of creating the Juju controller. I have one of the nodes tagged with ‘juju’, and I’m using this command:

$ juju bootstrap --bootstrap-series=jammy --constraints tags=juju maas-one maas-controller
Creating Juju controller "maas-controller" on maas-one/default
Looking for packaged Juju agent version 2.9.38 for amd64
Located Juju agent version 2.9.38-ubuntu-amd64 at
Launching controller instance(s) on maas-one/default...
- c4ww6f (arch=amd64 mem=258G cores=48)
Installing Juju agent on bootstrap instance
Fetching Juju Dashboard 0.8.1

I can see the node boot up on my MAAS web site. It sits there for about 15 minutes, and then it turns off and I get this error in my Terminal window:

ERROR failed to bootstrap model: bootstrap instance started but did not change to Deployed state: instance "c4ww6f" is started but not deployed

Any ideas?

Try deploying node c4ww6f directly from the MAAS web UI (remove Juju from the equation) and look at the logs the web UI provides. You can also look at the logs on the MAAS server itself.