Cannot use create new controller via juju bootstrap -- server misbehaving error

I am attempting to setup a new controller via ‘juju bootstrap’ against my vCenter instance running in a homelab environment. I was able to register juju with vecenter, but when I run the following command:

juju bootstrap --config datastore=“ceph-datastore” homelab --debug

It seems to be failing when its trying do install the Juju machine agent on the new instance: …

Installing Juju machine agent
2023-11-10 22:33:06 INFO juju.cmd supercommand.go:56 running jujud [3.1.6 f6a66aa91eec620f5ac04a19d8c06bef03ae6228 gc go1.20.8]
ERROR getting bootstrap instance: dialing client: Post "https://vcenter-lab.murpe.local/sdk": dial tcp: lookup vcenter-lab.murpe.local on server misbehaving
ERROR failed to bootstrap model: subprocess encountered error code 1