Canal Bundle/Containerd

Spinning up some some k8s at the dc, I’m trying to have containers talk with other devices on the host network. Previously, I had used canal for a cni to accomplish this, but now I can’t seem to get canal to work as a drop in replacement for flannel using the current k8s bundles/charms. Looking at the canal bundle it seems it uses docker not containerd. I’m assuming the switch to containerd from docker is whats causing this breakage for me.

  • Wondering if there is a canal bundle out there that works with containerd?
  • Can I use docker instead of containerd (to get canal working) with the latest kubernetes charms, or do I have to use contianerd now?


Hi @jamesbeedy,

For an overview see CNI with Canal | Ubuntu.

The latest Canal bundle does use containerd. Give that a try. You can swap docker for containerd if you want - either way should work.

If something doesn’t work as expected, feel free to file a bug at Bugs : Charmed Kubernetes.

Hope this helps,

This is great. Thanks @tvansteenburgh!