Can I Delete Charms From the Charm Store?

Maybe I’m missing something obvious, but I can’t find a way to delete charms that I accidentally pushed to my personal account instead of my organization account. Obviously I don’t have to grant anybody permissions to view them, but is there any way to get them out of my charm list?

By default, charms are pushed to the unpublished channel. So it’s unlikely that others can see it. If it is in a publicly accessible channel, you can use the charm revoke command to restrict access.

The charm command is provided by the charm-tools package:

Yes, I knew that, it just looks like there isn’t any such thing as a charm delete or anything like it.

There is but it requires working with charmstore admins. We try to avoid deleting things as charms can be used in bundles and such and removing something might have unintended consequences and isn’t to be done lightly. However, we all know sometimes we accidentally stick something in there that we didn’t intend and so we can work with charmstore admins to get something pulled if necessary.

Please provide the charmstore url and we can help facilitate.

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OK, cool.

Here is the URL: It is unpublished, so it just leads to a 404.

I’ll leave the other ones for now because I could end up using them for testing, but this one ended up in my organization with the wrong name due to my keyboard’s broken “C” key. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit: I just noticed that that URL to the charm will actually hit a 504: Gateway Time-out. That isn’t a big deal as it is a charm nobody has a link to anyway, but worth noting if that would be considered a server bug by you guys.