Call for testing: Charmcraft 2.5.4

Okay, this one’s a rare one folks! Normally patch releases just include simple bugfixes, but this caching issue required setting the minimum pip version when building a charm to 23.0. Our regression tests haven’t found any issues, but this could really use some extra testing.

Charmcraft 2.5.4 is currently on the candidate channel on snap, so please give it a go!

Bugs to look out for:

Any regressions with package installation are things we’d love bug reports about. Obviously we’re happy to get bug reports on anything else, but those probably won’t be regressions that block this update.

Regression plan

If there are regressions that can’t be fixed within charmcraft itself, we will be scrapping this change and working on a new approach to fix the earlier bug, which will probably require a minor release rather than a patch release. If we do that, 2.5.4 will remain available but will not be promoted to stable.

Release schedule

If no regressions are reported, this release is planned to go to stable on January 17, 2024.

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