Call for Testing: Charmcraft 2.4.0

Charmcraft supports the development of operators using the Charmed Operator Framework . It enables developers to build, upload and release operators on Charmhub and collaboration through charm libraries.

New Release

Charmcraft 2.4.0 was just released to latest/beta channel . The team would appreciate any tests on this, if you find a regression or any new issue you can report it on


The major new features for this are:

  • AlmaLinux base support
  • Enable unstable builds with non-LTS Ubuntu releases
  • Improved charm templates

We also have several bugfixes related to packing charms simultaneously.

Known Issues:

There are still some unfixed issues from the 2.3 series related to charmlibs and dependencies. We are tracking these on GitHub:

These are targeted for a fix in 2.4.1, to be released soon.™

Using Charmcraft

We recommend the Charmed Operator Framework for charm development, but Charmcraft will help you publish charms written in any language. The Charmed Operator Framework enables the development of operators in a simple and straightforward way, using standard Python structures to allow for clean, maintainable, and reusable code.

Happy charming!


2.4.0 fixes the ERROR: Double requirement given error when packing charms with overlapping PYDEPS (e.g. pydantic).

Is there a tentative schedule for bumping it to stable?

2.4.0 has arrived to stable

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