Bootstraping k8s on vSphere failed

Hey all! Wondering if anyone’s seen this when trying to bootstrap on a k8scloud backed by vSphere:

ERROR failed to bootstrap model: creating controller stack: creating statefulset for controller: timed out waiting for controller pod: pod "controller-0" not found

My k8s model deployed successfully and looks all good, not sure what we’re missing.

Eventually got this error as well when I retried after doing juju expose kubernetes-worker; juju config kubernetes-worker ingress=true :

service for controller: waiting for controller service address fully provisioned timeout

It looks like the kubernetes service for the juju controller is never getting an ip.

While it is bootstrapping can you try running this command on the controller namespace. kubectl -n controller-<controller-name> describe svc controller-service

It could be something strange with the in cluster networking or the type of service juju created for the controller. Weird.