Bootstraping Juju-controller on MAAS version: 2.9.0~alpha1 (8875-g.290133029) + juju 2.9-beta1-focal-amd64

I’m trying to boot the juju-controller node with Ubuntu Focal, on the latest versions of maas and juju it doesn’t work. The script can’t install mongodb !!! Is this a known bug?
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There is an error just before "mongo" not found error. If you follow the stacktrace a little bit more, you’ll see

packaging command failed: exit status 1; cmd: "snap install  core"; output: error: unable to contact snap store

So it seems like you’re unable to connect the snap store.

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Merci @simonrichardson
There is an interruption just in the installation of “snap install core” so the problem comes from ubuntu Focal !!!
I will try again with the new versions of Maas and Juju.