Bootstrap fails controller installation

New to juju, i’m struggling to install the controller…The installation is failing and i did not find an indication on the origin of the issue…or probably i can’t interpret it.
When running juju bootsrrap command :slight_smile:

21:40:26 INFO  juju.environs.bootstrap tools.go:83 found 1 packaged agent binaries
21:40:26 INFO  cmd bootstrap.go:516 Starting new instance for initial controller
21:40:27 INFO  cmd bootstrap.go:177 Launching controller instance(s) on inq-maas...
21:40:27 DEBUG juju.provider.maas environ.go:963 attempting to acquire node in zone "default"
21:40:28 DEBUG juju.cloudconfig.instancecfg instancecfg.go:981 Setting numa ctl preference to false
21:40:28 DEBUG juju.service discovery.go:63 discovered init system "systemd" from series "bionic"
21:40:28 DEBUG juju.provider.maas environ.go:1054 maas user data; 3516 bytes
21:40:33 DEBUG juju.provider.maas interfaces.go:365 interface "ens4" has no links
21:40:34 DEBUG juju.provider.maas environ.go:1100 started instance "hg6dfa"
21:40:34 INFO  cmd bootstrap.go:274  - hg6dfa (arch=amd64 mem=4G cores=3)  
21:40:34 INFO  juju.environs.bootstrap bootstrap.go:899 newest version: 2.8.1
21:40:34 INFO  juju.environs.bootstrap bootstrap.go:914 picked bootstrap agent binary version: 2.8.1
21:40:34 INFO  cmd bootstrap.go:559 Installing Juju agent on bootstrap instance
21:40:39 INFO  cmd bootstrap.go:690 Fetching Juju Dashboard 0.2.0
22:00:29 ERROR juju.cmd.juju.commands bootstrap.go:783 failed to bootstrap model: bootstrap instance started but did not change to Deployed state: instance "hg6dfa" is started but not deployed

I’m running :
Ubuntu 18.04.1 with MAAS version: 2.7.2
I’m getting this error when trying to install the juju controller on the MAAS

Hope someone could give an indication.

sorry for my english, this is the best i can deliver :blush:

Sorry that you have been having trouble @diopy2001. Perhaps something is misconfigured, but what you have encountered is an uncommon scenario. I will try to ask people who know more about this answer to assist you.

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Hi dear,
I’ve the same issue on Ubuntu 20.04 with MAAS 2.8 and Juju 2.8, maybe I’ve resolved that but I don’t if it’s a bug or not, here is my topic