Boot strap getting failed for controller in aws

Dear Team,

we have been trying to deploy a controller node via juju boot strap in aws cloud. But we are getting the below error.

Unable to find “amd64”

19:19:43 DEBUG juju.provider.ec2 image.go:28 filtering storage types [ssd ebs] 19:19:43 DEBUG juju.provider.ec2 image.go:52 found 0 suitable image(s): []*imagemetadata.ImageMetadata(nil) 19:19:43 DEBUG juju.environs.instances image.go:67 instance constraints {region: us-east-1, base: ubuntu@22.04, arch: amd64, constraints: mem=3584M, storage: [ssd ebs]} 19:19:43 ERROR juju.cmd.juju.commands bootstrap.go:968 failed to bootstrap model: cannot start the bootstrap instance: no metadata for “ubuntu@22.04” images in us-east-1 with arch amd64

regards Arup