Big Top Charm Upgrade

Hello folks

Happy new year and all that nonsense.

This is mostly a notification but also open to comments/ideas should there be a need.

Big Top 1.3.0 was released and as such the Spicule team plan to lead a charm refresh to upgrade the existing charms.

There will be a few additional features we plan to add into the charms over the next few weeks these are:

  • Tests/Checks & support for Network spaces and the newer juju networking functionality
  • Tests/Checks & support for Juju Storage (finally!)
  • Metrics in the base packages

We will be upgrading packages in line with the Big Top release version, so don’t complain about the version it is what it is! :slight_smile:

We then plan to get some more patches and features incorporated upstream, these include

  • security
  • newer spark packages

and possibly some new packages. Time, funds and developers will dictate the pace that is carried out at!

If anyone has any comments, questions, please let me know!

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Sounds great! Thanks for the awesome plns.

I also wonder if there’s anything in there that might be useful for doing local deploys/tests using the new lxd profile feature. Are there any components that don’t like being stuffed into a lxd container that it might help?

any update on this ?