AWS instance-role not working, or?

I am attempting to utilize this feature

where in which I call out a IAMRole by name, that I want attached to the juju charm I am instantiating… however when I deploy nothing is getting attached…? Did i misunderstand the feature ? Here’s how i am attempting to use it

    charm: mahrio
    channel: latest/beta
    num_units: 1
    - "2"
      git_deploy_private_token: "SOMETOKEN"
      mahrio_deployment_name: "SOMEDEPLOYMENT"
      mongodb_connection_str: "mongodb+srv://some_password"
      messaging_from_email: ""
      sqs_target_url: ""
      "": my-public-subnet
    instance-role: "MYCOOL-ROLE"

I tried changing the permissions to give full IAM access but this doesn’t seem to have any effect.

EDIT: One other question… there’s no way in Juju to set additional Security Groups … besides what Juju sets by default… correct ? I set expose 80 and expose 443 but still must manually go and append a security group which opens these for traffic… would be great to have that automated in AWS but I understand if not possible rn.

EDIT2: Ah I just read the last sentence of that feature… so I must have had to used a controller and bootstrapped it with the instance-roles ala Using AWS Instance Profiles With Juju 2.9 ? The issue with that is I am using JaaS aka Jimm controller… so I guess if I want to utilize this feature I must migrate to my own controller…?

Here are my notes on this:

To use an instance profile:

  1. On the AWS website, set up an instance profile: Using instance profiles - AWS Identity and Access Management

  2. Pass it to juju during bootstrap:

juju bootstrap --bootstrap-constraints="instance-role=<aws instance profile>" ...

So you’re right, it’s something that must happen during bootstrap.

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