Another community workshop - Fluentbit with Heitor!

No excuse! Join us in another community workshop to learn something new.

Time: 13:00 UTC on Friday November 19!

Meeting link:

This time, we are featuring @heitor who will teach us about the Fluentbit charm

Fluentbit is a high-performance log processor and forwarder. It allows one to ship logs scattered across different servers/services to a centralized place.


  • What is Fluentbit and what is it for?
  • How it is developed?
  • How do you juju deploy it, and check the result?
  • How can you contribute to it?

Little previous knowledge about Juju required.

Homework for everyone is to market this event in the the Fluentbit community or someone related to the project itself. They are probably interested! Why wouldn’t they? Help out get them in here.

@Heitor is an awesome DevOps from Brazil :brazil: and has a cat, so likely a carnival feeling about it all. He is an active community member, makes contributions to Slurm and Nextcloud charms.

Let us know in the thread here if you think you’ll be there or just say hello! We want a crowd!


I’ll join, thanks Erik for organizing this!


I’ll be there!


I would love to join, but this I will be messing around in Stockholm with some friends and will likely not be able to hang in. I might pop by to say hello though!

Hope you can discuss next week topic also. Perhaps you have some suggestions on a good topic or would like to try something out?

Thanks all for joining!

Here are my rudimentary slides: