Announcing general availability of Charmed Kafka

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Today Canonical announced the first generally available release of Charmed Kafka, published in the 3/stable charmhub channel for both cloud IaaS and Kubernetes charm flavours.

Apache Kafka is an event store that supports a range of contemporary applications including microservices architectures, streaming analytics and AI/ML use cases. Canonical Charmed Kafka simplifies deployment and operation of Kafka across public clouds and private data centres alike.

Charm features available to you today

  • Deploy on Kubernetes (eg. Canonical Kubernetes and AWS EKS) or on cloud IaaS (eg. MAAS, OpenStack, LXD and AWS EC2)
  • Scale out with one juju command
  • Automatic configuration of Kafka broker and ZooKeeper clusters
  • TLS wire encryption with the tls-operator family of charms
  • mTLS authentication
  • SCRAM authentication
  • Automated in-place minor version upgrades of both Kafka broker and ZooKeeper
  • Logging, monitoring and alerting support using Canonical Observability Stack
Charm Version Charm channel
Kafka VM 3.6 3/stable
Kafka K8s 3.6 3/stable
ZooKeeper VM 3.8 3/stable
ZooKeeper K8s 3.8 3/stable

This release ships a Canonical maintained distribution of Apache Kafka 3.6 and Apache ZooKeeper 3.8. Containerised images for both Charmed Kafka 3/stable and Charmed ZooKeeper 3/stable are based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS only.

Documentation is available for Kubernetes and for cloud IaaS flavours.

How to reach the team

Chat with us about your use case on Matrix. Reach the commercial team here.

Bug reports may be filed on GitHub. We also welcome contributions to our documentation and to our projects.

Big thanks to all of the extended team that made this release possible. This release would not have happened but for your dedication and hard work.