[Announcement] "Unregister" Charms and Bundles names on charmhub.io

Do you have Charm and Bundle names that you registered with the best intentions, but no longer need? Now it’s easy to do via Candid - Authentication Required!

Simply scroll to the bottom of the page to the “Registered charm names” table. To the right of each registered name, you’ll see an “Unregister” button. Press the button, confirm, and voilà, you have released the name back into the expanse.

There may be a small delay before the change is displayed in the UI, and this feature only works for Charms and Bundles that have no releases.

Happy Charming!


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that’s great news! I have scores (or one could say bundles) of charms that I created for testing and demoing purposes that really don’t need to pollute the database. Does this also unregister all the charm libs attached to them, or is there a separate process for those? Also, is it possible to unregister a specific charm library without unregistering the charm altogether?

Unfortunately, this does not unregister charm libs and there is no method to unregister specific charm libraries. For those two use-cases, you’re going to have to create a request in charmhub requests :(. The main focus of this feature is redundant registrations and for mistake corrections (typos for example)!

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