Amazon AWS Kubeflow CloudFormation Form

When running Charmed Kubeflow on AWS as a Marketplace appliance or through CloudFormation template, you will be presented with the following form. By default the template provides reasonable defaults, there are still a couple of fields you must fill yourself. You need to fill all the parameters before publishing the form.


Instance type parameter

The appliance will create a single EC2 instance with Kubeflow. Make sure to choose an instance type more powerful than t2.2xlarge (at least 32GB of RAM and 4vCPU). Get yourself informed about the pricing for each instance before committing.

See more: Amazon AWS | List of EC2 instance types

Instance volume size

Size of the gp2 volume attached to the EC2 instance. Recommended value is at least 100GB . Volume will be deleted on instance deletion so make sure to backup your work (we recommend using git for source control).

Key pair

In order to later ssh into the ec2 instance you need to specify name of the key-pair. Make sure that you have your key-pair created before the appliance creation (manual). Remember that the key-pairs are region based.

Note: By default the security group for instance will not allow you to ssh (security feature). In order to later ssh to the instance you need to enable the port for SSH in the security group (after the appliance is deployed).

Kubeflow dashboard username and password

Credentials for Kubeflow dashboard. Changing the default is highly recommended. You have to provide password before proceeding.

Public subnet CIDR/VPC CIDR

The appliance creates a private VPC with a public subnet connected to the internet gateway. With these settings you can override the default values. Here you can find more information about the AWS VPC

Please make sure that the Subnet CIDR is within VPC CIDR