Alertmanager docs and config

I’m looking to get in contact with those developing the “alertmanager” to get some help with setting it up with pagerduty.

I’ve been trying to mess around with it and I feel that this is a charm that could use some examples.

I’ve got it to work with email so far, after messing around with it - experimenting with various settings, but I can’t yet figure out where all various settings goes from pagerduty <-> charm.

I would love to contribute to it, but I’m not sure where to find the community around the charm.

I’m online at and here…


Hi Erik!

I saw some discussion around this yesterday. Did you get your questions answered, or are there still outstanding things to track down?

~ PeteVG

Hey Erik,

In Pagerduty, go to your Service Directory and select/create the service you wish to alert via Prometheus Alertmanager on and click the Integrations tab. Add a new integration to the service with the “Prometheus” tool and provide it a name and save. You will then see the integration key for the newly added Prometheus integration. Copy that integration key and run juju config alertmanager pagerduty_service_key=<integration key>. Any firing alert should now send events to the Pagerduty API and become Triggered incidents in that service. If your events are not making it to pagerduty, be sure to allow access to port 443 from the alertmanager unit’s IP through your firewall or proxy. This charm honors using the juju-https-proxy model-config setting for proxying calls to Pagerduty.

I hope this helps get you running.

Regarding contribution, we always welcome bugs and merge requests!

The prometheus-alertmanager charm code and bug tracker can be found here: Prometheus Alertmanager Charm in Launchpad