[Advice] Can we move the community to a new communication platform?

Hello Juju community.

This is an advice thread to discuss moving the community chat communication platform (Mattermost) to a different platform. The underlying reason is to allow Juju to reach a much larger community base and what your thoughts are on this.

Background: During Ubuntu summit, we talked with people from the “Ubuntu hideout” (https://ubuntuhideout.com) which has about 16000 users connected to Ubuntu as such and is a community driven platform with no formal attachments to Canonical.

Their chat and community platform is located to “Discord” with over 16000 registered users and lots of integrations and active moderators. The admins of this community are super friendly and would welcome a interaction/integration between the Juju community and theirs. For some communities, they have arranged with “cross-over” channels, for example between Matrix and Discord which might be interesting. Although Mattermost doesn’t seem to work yet.

What are your thoughts getting the Juju community communication integrated into the “Ubuntu Hideout”?

Stuff that we can discuss are:

  • Is it a good idea?
  • What are the pros/cons?
  • What obstacles are there and can they be mitigated?
  • How do we make such a decision?
  • Who needs to be involved in the practicalities?

At some later point, we can have a small community workshop and make a decision based out of this discussion.

We are thinking about moving to matrix and beta’ing it internally these days. Should be coming soon.


Seems like we are moving to Matrix!

Follow these steps to find us!

  1. To install the Element matrix client (there are other clients, but this one works on Ubuntu):

sudo snap install element-desktop

  1. Join us there using this link! https://matrix.to/#/#charmhub:ubuntu.com