Add new compute node to Openstack


we have deployed a charmed openstack using a yaml bundle file that contains the Openstack base bundle + Masakari and some other services we require. Everything is running smoothly at the moment but now we want to add a new compute node. I wouldn’t want to add new charms and relations by hand so I would like to do something like this:

juju deploy --to newcomputenode01 --constraints tags=compute bundle.yaml

that way, I can maintain my existing file with applications and relations and tell it to only deploy the apps from that file that are related to compute nodes.



The --to and --constraints tags would be redundant in this situation. The former (--to) usually points to numerical machine IDs (e.g. 10) but also supports MAAS node names (e.g. node4.maas). Try:

juju add-unit --to <machine-id> nova-compute

The add-unit command does not support the --constraints option since constraints are always bound to the application.

See also the documented cloud operation on scaling out the nova-compute application.

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