Add a team as collaborator on the autocert charm


Can you please add the ~autocert-charmers team as a collaborator to a newly registered charm, autocert?

Also, is there a way to point the old charmstore namespace, cs:~autocert-charmers/autocert to this new charm rather than the older autocert-charmers-autocert one?

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Sure, this is done.

Yuck! :slight_smile:

I can add a namemap to do this “pointing”, but keep in mind it will only work for non-revisioned requests (e.g. cs:~autocert-charmers/autocert but not cs:~autocert-charmers/autocert-27). Making this work with revisioned requests would require adding cross-charm revisionmap records, which we have not automated (because it’s messy and unsupported). So the answer on those would have to be “no”. If the non-revisioned redirect is useful to you, I can set that up.

Let me know :slight_smile:

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  • Daniel

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Thanks! (…)