Wrong login/SSO


I logged in with the wrong credential (I have 2 Ubuntu One accounts) and I can’t logout. Each time I try to log-out, I am automatically re-logged-in through SSO. I’d like to connect with my alternate credential (the one that I use on the MaaS discourse) but I can’t, what can I do ? Looks like a bug in the login form on the Charmhub Discourse.

Thanks for reporting this. It is under investigation.

This issue has been reported to the team in charge, and as @pmatulis said, it’s under investigation. In the meantime, you could log out and switch your accounts doing the following:

  1. Go to login.ubuntu.com
  2. Log out from there
  3. Log out on Discourse
  4. Introduce your other account.

I hope that helps.

Back with my good credential, thanks for your help !