[workshop] Introduction to 2022, introduction to Juju

Its a new year and time for the first Juju community workshop

Friday 28 January, 10:00 Stockholm timezone. :sweden:

Meeting link: qsd-zwrv-gnj

In this workshop, we will cover basics in Juju once again for new charmers and go through the basics.

  • The Juju client
  • Juju controllers
  • Juju clouds
  • Anatomy of a charm

This is a community event driven by members of the Juju community and open to anyone that wants to learn more about Juju and DevOps. Its also a great time to get to know people and interact. Its very social and lightweight.

Also, no prior knowledge required.

Extra bonus: If you like to study some easy to get started with charms, have a look at the material I have put together here: https://github.com/erik78se/juju-operators-examples/


See you then!

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I would love you all to pull in beginners so we can get more people educated. =) If you are a beginner, you should come and meet!


@pnew Just wanted to draw your attention to this workshop happening this Friday. People who are new to Juju tend to find it very helpful.


As a beginner with respect to Juju myself, I can absolutely confirm this! Today’s workshop was both helpful and motivational. :grinning:


@m_ueberall if you liked it, come join in again [community workshop] Where documentation of Juju is going with Teo