Observability Team Updates - Week 33-34 (2022)

Hi everyone!

Below you’ll find the updates from the team for week 33 and 34.

The Team

The observability team at Canonical consists of @jose, @dylanstathis, @sed-i, @rbarry, and yours truly. Our goal is to provide you with the best open-source observability stack possible, turning your day 2 operations into smooth sailing.

COS Lite

COS Lite is a light-weight, highly-integrated observability suite, powered by python operators and running on Juju. Find more information on charmhub or go straight to github.

New features


In addition to this, we’ve been hard at work finalizing the last parts of the Grafana failover behavior as well as stabilizing dashboard URLs. We hope to have these changes with you early next sprint.

We’ve also been in interesting conversations with the upstream Loki maintainers, designing a solution for retention of logs based on the fill percentage of the underlying storage.

Have a nice week!

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