MAAS Cluster on IPv6

Hello Everyone, we are trying to deploy JUJU via MAAS provisioning, the entire cluster is on an IPv6 Network with DHCP configured to Broadcast IPv6, However when attempting to PXE boot hosts over IPv6, the hosts dont seem to be responding, and DHCP does not seem to be broadcasting addresses. My question is: Are there any additional configuration steps required to support DHCPv6, and if DHCPv6 is supported in MAAS? Thank you

Does Juju work with IPv6?

The docs on LXD (Juju | Lxd):

Currently, Juju does not support IPv6. Therefore, you will need to request that LXD does not allocate IPv6 addresses for containers and virtual machine instances that it creates.

Hi, Heitor, thank you for the information, it looked like it but i just wanted to confirm it, as i was not even able to provision VM’s as MAAS hosts via dhcpv6.

The only thing i find a little confusing is, when you look at the overlay files all of the charms for openstack for instance have an option expect_ipv6, which can set it to expect an ipv6 address on an interface.