LXD problems with juju OpenStack deployment via MAAS

I have been attempting to do a fully expanded Openstack install and I have never been fully successful.

most recently I have been following these instructions:

I have 5 physical machines which meet or exceed the requirements of 2cpu - 8gb - 3x 80gb (separate disks storage with two physical nics. 4 of which are intel celeron NUC’s and one intel i7 laptop.

MAAS is installed is working with out issue. (MAAS version: 2.9.1)
I spun up a vmware server via MAAS to run the initial install (Ubuntu v20.04 on vmware 6.5)

I have run through this exercise using both the 20.04 normal snap juju install illustrated in the instructions AND I tried the beta version (2.8.8-focal-amd64). Both fail when trying to deploy LXD instance on the physical machines. (there are no errors, it just sits at pending/waiting for machine/allocating)

The juju controller is on a physical machine (2cpu/16gbram/1tb hd/1nic) and its on the same network as the other physical machines. im getting an error from juju (possibly from me poking a node trying to setup lxd) that lxd cant find an IP address range (I assume for its fan network).

Has any one else encountered this issue?