Interface: reql


The reql interface is designed to allow communication with a RethinkDB database server. The database server provides the reql interface and database clients consume the reql interface.

Note: This interface is a work-in-progress and is being developed for use with this RethinkDB charm. The interface will change as we add features and determine best practices.

Relation Data

Key Set by Relation Type Description Example Value
servers provides app Space separated list of server:port 13.233.556.81:3120 13.233.556.23:5123
user provides app The database user admin
password provides app The user password adf59305kghd80023kkjfhbubh


Partner Event
1 both Relation established
2 provides relation-set servers
2 provides relation-set user
2 provides relation-set password


All of the provided keys are application scoped which means that you have to use the new ( added in Juju 2.7 ) application-level relation get:


Typical endpoint names


  • reql


  • rethinkdb
  • reql


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