How to use multiple hardwar resources with juju, maas, charmed-k8s

I have 10 bare metal servers all under the umbrella of MAAS. I am able to provision and deploy both bare metal instances as well as VMs (LXD).

I’m trying to get charmed kubernetes up and running such that the worker nodes are distributed across the hardware resources. First, I set up a cloud (MAAS) and instantiate a controller. This works - a VM is provisioned automatically and the juju controller is spun up.

I then add a model and deploy charmed-kubernetes. This sort of works in that it does deploy. However, it all deploys new VMs on the same bare metal instance. This is not what I’m after exactly, and I can’t find any obvious way via the docs to tell it to distributed as maximally as possible across all available resources.

Is there any documentation I’m missing or does anyone have the magic incantation to get this to happen?

In case this matters I am trying to involve GPUs for the workers but haven’t gotten far enough to worry about that yet.