How to track vSphere consuming status on Juju

We have a working environment of juju consuming vSphere cloud.
There is an idea that it would be better if we know how the vSphere cloud is doing and what individuals are consuming how many instances, cores, memory, disk and which OS:es are deployed. Could it be done by querying our juju controller?

Also if anyone has experience in tracking that info through vSphere would be great to know.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Hi @xinyuem, for each model on vSphere, juju machines should give you some relevant information. If you are an admin in a multi-user controller, juju models --all will show you all the models, not just your own models. The combination means you can find all models, then find all machines in each model.

That will at least tell you about the usage of everything Juju is controlling.

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