How to install snaps offline

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In order to install snaps on a proxy-restricted network the snapd daemon will need to be made aware of what proxy to use. To pass environment variables to snapd edit the /etc/environment file.

For example, to set an HTTP proxy, whose URL is given by $PROXY_HTTP (e.g. http://squid.internal:3128), the above file would contain:


The daemon will need to be restarted for this change to take effect:

sudo systemctl restart snapd

You should then be able to install snaps.


Distributing snaps internally

If setting a proxy is not a viable option then you may opt to keep snaps on a privileged system (i.e. one that does have internet connectivity) and share them across your network.

There is no special mechanism for distributing snaps internally. Simply download the desired snaps and share.

For example, below we create some holding directories and then download the Charm Tools snap:

mkdir -p ~/snaps/charm
cd ~/snaps/charm
snap download charm

This yields two new files:

-rw-rw-r-- 1 ubuntu ubuntu 5.5K Dec 19 15:07 charm_114.assert
-rw-r--r-- 1 ubuntu ubuntu  99M Dec 19 15:07 charm_114.snap

The ~/snaps/charm directory can now be shared with other systems on the restricted network.

Now, on one of those systems we install the snap:

sudo snap ack charm_114.assert
sudo snap install charm_114.snap