Framework Team Updates - Week #16 2022

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Add this week’s updates here.

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  • more polish on the harness storage PR. It should be ready for some wider review.
  • Started working on blank remote app bug.
  • Fought with and discovered juju<–>lxd and juju<–>microk8s issues - came up with workarounds.
  • Wrote and posted some improved storage sdk doc content (added the last couple sections on the page).
  • Discussed and/or brainstormed about:
    • Pietro’s hook/charm branching ideas. Maybe we focus on addressing is_leader and can_connect bifurcation for now?
    • Harness event tracking spec
    • Roadmap ideas for the next several months.
    • integration testing and pytest-operator. Should pytest-operator (or something like it) ever become part of the framework?
    • type checking (e.g. mypy, pydantic) for ops framework
  • Prototyped a relation data interface for library code (and charms?), started working on a spec to discuss it with the team.
  • Merged the traefik-route endpoint pr for traefik-k8s
  • Got contributorship of traefik-k8s and published two version bumps for ingress-per-unit
  • Finished up integration testing PR for traefik-k8s, now in review.
  • Spent some time designing a further simplification of the ingress-per-unit interface, involving a simplification from the ready/broken/available statuses to an event-based model (provide/revoke/wipe), still debating with myself if we really need wipe.
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