Completing our Mattermost -> Matrix Migration

Hi all,

Last year I posted about migrating our community from Mattermost to Matrix.

At the time this was experimental while we tested whether our Matrix implementation was going to be fit for purpose for the community, and overall it’s been very successful! I’m really pleased with the outcome, so thank you to everyone who made the move.

Running two platforms will eventually create a fractured and confusing community, so from 31 Jan 24, the Mattermost instance will be made read only. There will be a prominent banner displayed on the instance directing users to the new Matrix instance.

The Mattermost server will remain in read-only mode until 31 Jan 25, when it’ll be removed completely. This gives us a year to ensure any linked content is placed into docs or moved elsewhere.

Many thanks!



Hello everyone,

As part of the migration, I am going to work on all Charmhub Matrix rooms this week. I will be inviting our . This is a moderator bot called Mjolnir, which will enable automated protections, federated ban lists, and will allow for server-wide moderation actions. On top of that, I will be adding a short reminder of the Ubuntu CoC to the topic of each room.

As part of the Ubuntu Matrix project, we also created Matrix specific documentation. Please note the documentation frontend is an ongoing effort, and we are going to publish more documents over the next few weeks.

If you have questions, or if you want to contribute to this fantastic project, please tag me here or reach out on the Ubuntu Matrix Ops channel:

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