Command update-credential

Usage: juju update-credential [options] <cloud-name> <credential-name>


Updates a controller credential for a cloud.


-B, --no-browser-login (= false)

Do not use web browser for authentication

-c, --controller (= "")

Controller to operate in

--credential (= "")

Name of credential to update


Cloud credentials for controller are used for model operations and manipulations. Since it is common to have long-running models, it is also common to have these cloud credentials become invalid during models’ lifetime.

When this happens, a user must update the cloud credential that a model was created with to the new and valid details on controller.

This command allows to update an existing, already-stored, named, cloud-specific controller credential.

NOTE: This is the only command that will allow you to manipulate cloud credential for a controller. All other credential related commands, such as add-credential, remove-credential and credentials deal with credentials stored locally on the client not on the controller.


juju update-credential aws mysecrets

See also:

add-credential, credentials