Command 'set-default-credentials'

See also: credentials, add-credential, remove-credential, autoload-credentials Alias: default-credential


Sets local default credentials for a cloud on this client.


juju set-default-credentials [options] <cloud name> [<credential name>]


Flag Default Usage
--reset false Reset default credential for the cloud


juju default-credential google credential_name
juju default-credential google
juju default-credential google --reset


The default credentials are specified with a “credential name”.

A credential name is created during the process of adding credentials either via juju add-credential or juju autoload-credentials. Credential names can be listed with juju credentials.

This command sets a locally stored credential to be used as a default. Default credentials avoid the need to specify a particular set of credentials when more than one are available for a given cloud.

To unset previously set default credential for a cloud, use --reset option.

To view currently set default credential for a cloud, use the command without a credential name argument.