Command logout

Usage: juju logout [options]


Logs a Juju user out of a controller.


-B, --no-browser-login (= false)

Do not use web browser for authentication

-c, --controller (= "")

Controller to operate in

--force (= false)

Force logout when a locally recorded password is detected


If another client has logged in as the same user, they will remain logged in. This command only affects the local client.

The command will fail if the user has not yet set a password (juju change-user-password). This scenario is only possible after juju bootstrap since juju register sets a password. The failing behaviour can be overridden with the --force option.

If the same user is logged in with another client system, that user session will not be affected by this command; it only affects the local client. By default, the controller is the current controller.


juju logout

See also:

change-user-password, login


I am not too sure why you are posting command help output but ‘juju help logout’ has more information than this page.